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Mobile Physical Therapy Serving Keene
and Cheshire County

mobile physical therapy practice
Give yourself the Green Light

We are on the road - a mobile physical therapy clinic brought conveniently to your home.  We bring the equipment and dedicated Physical Therapists to deliver quality care in your home environment. Recover faster as we work specifically towards your unique impairments and goals.

Mobile Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists provide treatments in your home

Peak Performance Consultation

Full body assessment and muscle testing for anyone looking to maximize their potential

Personalized Clinical Assessments and Treatment Plans

You will never be double booked with another client

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How does mobile PT work?
How does it compare to "regular" PT?  


What to expect


Here at Green Light Physical Therapy, we specifically chose the mobile model because the vast majority of cases do not require complicated equipment.  Corrective Exercise is our primary treatment of choice.  Through a comprehensive manual muscle testing examination, we can determine what muscles need strengthening and what joints need mobilizing.  There are thousands of simple exercises that can be performed at home, and we will use our decade's worth of experience in the field to narrow yours down to the most efficient ones.  


Our bodies are extremely resilient but sometimes need a little guidance to get back on track. 


From day 1, your PT plan of care will identify and prescribe the right exercises to target your limitations.


  Gone are the days of "No Pain.  No gain" as we take decades of experience in the field to tailor YOUR program to YOUR specific issues. 


If you are looking to learn techniques and exercises that you can implement anywhere, anytime, and on your terms - then mobile Physical Therapy may be right for you.      



  • Performance enhancement

  • Injury prevention

  • Injury rehabilitation 

  • Fall risk management

  • Sports injuries

  • Total joint replacement

  • Home safety evaluations

  • Wellness/continuity plans



Pilates Work Out

Reach out to learn about pricing, insurance, services, and most importantly how, together, we can get your reach your goals. 

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